Systemic work

Systemic work is based on the assumption that you are influenced by the systems you are part of. Your family is an example of such a system, as are the company or organisation you work for, your team or your social environment.  In all these systems you have a place, which you often aren’t even aware of. Until things aren’t going so well in your work, your family or your business. This is why we don’t only look at you as a person, but also at your connection with your environment. This often offers a different perspective on your question or desire.

Many of the barriers you experience when looking for coaching or training have their origins in unconscious beliefs, behaviours and patterns you have learned within such a system. Usually, within the family system, because this is the first system you are part of.

These patterns can be encountered again and again in your life within new systems, for example your relationship, or your work. The origins of the methodology behind systemic work lies, among others, with Bert Hellinger.

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