Constellation days 2021

November 2021

A systemic structure is a spatial representation of a system. This can be a family system or an organisational system. The purpose of setting up the systemic structure is to quickly gain insight into the underlying dynamics that are perpetuating a problem that is being experienced. A systemic constellation is an incredible and special method, that makes what is going on in your system visible and tangible. Hidden dynamics become clear. The constellation gives you new insights about yourself, your position and the mutual relationships within your family or organisation system, whereby these are no longer hidden. By making this visible, a solution also becomes possible. This is not always a ready-made solution, but the beginning of a solution that can begin to unfold as time progresses.

Are you wondering whether a family or organisation constellation could help you? Then sign up for the introduction workshop to get acquainted with the methodology.

Training times are 09.30 – 16.00.

Dates Constellation Days 2021

14 november

Cost € 70 excl. VAT for participation as a representative

For a personal constellation the cost is €130 excl. VAT. This includes an intake and outtake. If your partner also attends, the price for you both € 180 excl.

Feel free to contact us for more information.